Monday, June 6, 2011

Viktoriapark, Berlin

Yesterday, I decided to go for a walk and ended up in another jewel of Berlin. It's amazing all those hidden pieces of nature you can find all over the city.
I went to Viktoriapark, in Kreuzberg, where flows a waterfall (artificial, but still).
It dates back from the end of 19th century and is on the highest hill of Berlin. On the slopes even grow some vineyard which are still used to make wine.
On top of it, you got a pretty nice view all around and also a monument dedicated to the freedom after wars against Napoleon, on top of the monument is the cross that actually gave the name to the district. Kreuz = Cross Berg = Hill, Kreuzberg = Hill of the Cross.
6 months I've been working in Kreuzberg and was looking for this damn hill, I found it!

It's very nice, seating under the shadow of the tree and bathing your feet in the waterfall is so delightful with the heat right now. Plus the whole place is very pretty.


== Greetings from Berlin ==