Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This week end I went to Stockholm. It's been a long time I wanted to visit Sweden, so I took advantage of great Ryanair discounts to go to the capital for 1 week end and have a glimpse of it.
I was completely delighted! The city is of the most charming ones.

I left Berlin on Saturday early morning to Stockholm-Skatsva, where I took a bus to Stockholm city centre (80min ride). There, I met with Charlie (my host for the night) and his guest from the previous day. We first went to his flat, then I went alone to explore a bit of the city. I had no idea where to go, I found a map, spotted an island called "Old City" and decided to take the tube to there.
This island (Stockholm is composed of several islands), is really nice, full of little streets, with wonderful buildings. I walked around, visited a few churches, saw lots of beautiful places, even though I didn't know what most of them actually were. Then, I ended up in a shopping street, than in a shopping mall... the good thing in flying with Ryanair with cheap flights is that I don't take check-in luggage for a stay of max 4 days, as I'm limited to 10kilos, shopping clothes & shoes is excluded... but not earrings, and I found a very nice pair! ^^
Then, i took the tube back to where I started, stopped in a café for a good hot chocolate and brownie and went home.
At night we didn't do anything exciting, watched a movie, chatted, went to bed early,... So Stockholm night life experience will be for next time.

On Sunday morning, I went again city exploring alone, I kinda get lost from the tube station to the coach station where I would leave my luggage, but at least I would know the way later when I'll go catch my bus to the airport.
Then, I decided to go to the harbor where I'll take a boat tour later on, walked along the quays, frozen sea, freezing wind, ... I tried to find a cheap & open restaurant in the neighborhood but found nothing so I had to have lunch at Mcdonald's whereas I would have liked to try some Swedish specialty.
Then, I went for the Winter Boat Tour on an icebreaker boat. It was guided tour, so I learned quite a few interesting things about Stockholm and Sweden history, and I was crazy enough to sit outside, despite the freezing cold it was worth it, the views were just amazing. But when we took the way back to the harbor, I went inside again to get warmer with a hot chocolate. I really enjoyed this ride, Stockholm is so wonderful! I really have to go back there in Summer time and stay longer to explore more of the city and see the famous Archipelago.
Then, I headed back to the coach station, I was too cold to walk, and took a bus to the airport to get settled at the hotel, just 50 m away from the terminal. Flying back to Berlin at 6:30 on Monday morning it was the wisest choice, especially that I was going directly to work after that.

I slept at Connect Hotel, quite luxury hotel to me, I paid 55€ for a room (well you can be up to 3 persons) with no private bathroom/toilets, no TV, no nothing, but it was wonderfully quiet! I got a cocktail at the bar, had dinner and went to bed at 7:30pm. So I wasn't that tired when I woke up at 4:30 to enjoy the included breakfast.

This stay in Stockholm was really enjoyable, I now have to go back as 2 days are rather short, a nice week end away from home!


==Greetings from Berlin==

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