Monday, May 2, 2011

When I think about it....

... I had a couple of cool jobs so far.
I started working when I was going to university, I 1st was cleaning woman, hated it since I hate cleaning, but well. I also gave some private lessons of English and Spanish, even if I hate teaching and don't really like kids, but it was for teenagers, just one at a time, it was ok, didn't enjoy it but better related with my studies.

Some other cool jobs I had:

- Cabin Hostess: Working on a cruise on the river Rhône (south of France), full of German retired (they give good tips), was very hard for me, physically, working 12h/day, cleaning the cabins, washing the dishes, helping for the plate dressing,... But the atmosphere was very nice, and I got to see some nice places.

- Hostess/Guard in a museum aquarium: Was cool, walking around all day long, chatting with colleagues, "running" after the children "don't shout" "don't run" "don't knock on the glass" "watch our your kids they're gonna hurt themselves". The boss was funny, I remember once he got down the stairs wearing a monkey head and screaming...

- Receptionist in a youth hostel: That was so cool. I remember a Czech family offering me some cakes as they were so delighted to speak Czech, some guys coming almost naked (just in towel) to the reception as they had forgotten their key in the room before going to the shower, that teenager who came from an island south of Africa, studying in France and had to stay at our hostel every week end, seeing him looking with awe at the snow falling down (1st time he saw it) or asking to help for his homeworks or gently trying to hit on me...
I really liked that position , except the shitty working time. 7:00 AM- 10:00 AM & 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM every week ends.

- Translator-writer for a blog about celebrities' gossip, I hate that kind of bullshit, but well that was fun.

- Localization tester of video games in Ireland, being paid to play video games is a dream for some people.

- And now video games translator: always the same reaction when I say what I do "oh that's so cool!" The atmosphere is great, the job interesting and challenging.

But now I know I wanna go on with video games translation , I really love my job, I do hope the next one will be as good!

== Greetings from Berlin ==

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