Monday, January 24, 2011

A week-end of discoveries...

This week-end was a nice & interesting one. On Saturday, I first went for Brunch in an Italian restaurant, even if there was too much fish according to me, it was very nice.
At night, I went to the place of some guy from CouchSurfing for a small party, it was lots of fun! There was a Mexican guy who came with some specialties from his home land, first: fried bugs, yurk... I didn't try, I found it too disgusting. But he also brought nice dark tequila and showed us the real Mexican way to drink it: you take a quarter of a lime, put some of lime juice on your hand, add salt, lick your hand, drink tequila in one shot and bite into the lime. And this way, it's not burning. Then, I discovered a German way to drink vodka, with Ahoj-Brause powder, a powder with taste, sweet, designed to be mixed with water for kids, but here you take a bit of the powder, in your mouth, take your shot of vodka and mix powder & vodka INSIDE your mouth (cheap shaker :D ), it pops, it's funny! Then, they went for Russian Disco, I wanted top join but felt not really good and we had to queue before getting in the club which means it's full so I rather went home.
On Sunday, I wanted to visit Berliner Dom (the Cathedral) but had to pay €5, so well next time. I had a small walk in Museum Insel (Museuem Island) and ended up in Deutsches Historisches Museum (Museum of German History) which shows National History (and well also European History, they're often linked) from Roman times to 1994. It was very interesting, and gotta admit that German & French Histories are sometimes linked, especially History from my home region which had been the target of wars between the 2 countries.
After that, I decided to go to cinema, i first wanted to go & see Rapunzel (thinking a cartoon might be easy to understand) but it's plaid only late morning/early afternoon so I chose The Next Three Days, it was very nice movie, I really liked it, except one or two times when everybody was laughing because of something funny I didn't get...
It was a very nice week end, and here are some pix of Berlin since the beginning of 2011.

== Greetings from Berlin==

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