Sunday, January 2, 2011

Play, Berlin

Yesterday night, I went to play Wii at Play, a Wii Bar (and it seems they also have Kinekt now). It's a large bar with a TV screen and a Wii Console at every table.
I love the concept! Yesterday, we were around 20, so we split into two tables, on my side, with my mate we won tennis (more thanks to the badness of our adversaries than thanks to me), I proudly lost at Mario Kart (well, I ain't got my driving license ^^ ) and I annihilated some guy at Boxing !!! :D
I also tried their cocktails (of course), my Mai Tai was not bad at all! ^^

For some reason, we did not have to pay (the guy organising the event told us it was free for us) but the prices are 8€/h for a 6-person table or 19€/h for a 12-person lounge (for once I would pay to play games instead of being paid to play ^^ ). And I was thinking, that could be an original idea for a date, instead of the classical bar/restaurant/moovie (I sometime try to think about original stuffs for a date in case one shows up ^^).

There are two Play in Berlin, we were at the one on Alexanderstr and the other one is attHauptbahnhoff (central station).

==Greetings from Berlin==

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