Saturday, March 26, 2011

Skin Jewels

(I'm not sure whether the correct English is skin or body jewel)

A couple days ago, I went shopping after work, it was mainly pre-holidays shopping, I went to a big shopping center to buy sunglasses and solution for contact lenses and came home with, in addition to this, an umbrella, earrings and lingerie. I've been strong enough not to venture in any shoe shop! :D But as I was walking by a jewelery stating "body jewelry", I had a flash: skin jewels! I used to love that by the time I was studying in France, I used to buy a lot of them at Claire's or when ordering lingerie at Beat Ushe. But then it became more & more difficult to find them. I loved to wear them for a party, to embellish a cleavage for instance.

So I guess I'll have to go and have a look around while on holidays and then back to Berlin, or I could try to find some German websites selling them (I spotted a few French ones but ordering in Germany will be less expensive for the shipping fees). The big challenge while looking around will be to resist to buying earrings, something I failed on that shopping day. I bought my sunglasses at Bijou Brigitte and had a big crush on wonderful earrings. Sometimes I can fit the "typical" girl cliché: I love earrings and shoes and could buy some quite often, luckily I don't care about brands and don't like to spend to much for a single pair.

==Greetings from Berlin==

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