Saturday, November 6, 2010

So stupid!

Yesterday, I was supposed to have a phone interview with the Berlin's company. It was scheduled at 4:00pm. During half an hour, I kept my mobile phone just next to me, not daring going anywhere... at 4:25 I went to my pc to send them an email, the HR manager had sent me a mail a few minutes before, saying that she could not reach me, asking me if I was still interested in the position.
I first supposed there was a problem with my mobile and gave her my landline number. A few seconds after, I thought maybe I made  a mistake in my phone number on my CV... I found the mail I had sent, had a look at my application mail: it was my Irish phone number! Then I saw that my application was sent on Sept 30th! Ooooops! I was still in Ireland, so they were trying to call me on a number I'm not using anymore! I was then feeling very stupid!
I explained her the problem, she rescheduled the interview on Monday morning! I'm really angry at myself! How could I be so stupid?


  1. Vraiment conne. Ca confirme les rumeurs de Metz.

  2. oh comme c'est courageux d'insulter anonymement...