Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Today, i took the theoretical exam of the driving licence and I passed! ^^ So now, the fun can start! I had tried to get my licence around 8 years ago, I passed the theory within less than 2 months, then I took around 50 driving lessons and I was far to be ready to take the practice exam.
But now, I'm more motivated & mature, and I do need it!

Well, that is if I don't leave to Berlin. Lately, I've applied to lots of Video Games Companies, and I just got an email from a German company, they're interested in my CV and asked me to complete a translation and answer a few questions. Depending on how good will be my test, they might schedule a phone or on-site interview! :D

==Greetings from Metz, France==


  1. Congrats on passing the theory exam! And good luck on the "test" - would you like to move to Berlin? I have never been there, but I've heard it's stunning and a really awesome city to live in. Fingers crossed!