Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A nice walk in Metz

I love walking, so yesterday I decided to go for a nice walk, under the sun, the weather was nice, fresh air, some wind. In Metz, there's a trail I like to take, starting near my place, taking me around the city centre.

I started walking along the Canal, towards what we call the Plan d'Eau (here the Moselle river is looking like a small lake, surrounded by large lawns and play areas), then along an amateur harbour, continuing towards the old city, a wonderful place indeed! ^^

After that I took a part of a trail called "Circuit des Remparts" (Ramparts Trail) which takes you, as you can guess out of its name, along the old ramparts of the town, walking along the river Moselle or Seille, immersed in nature inside the city. That's really very nice. I ended the Ramparts Trail at the "Porte des Allemands" (Germans Gate) and then to the rail station. It took me about 2 hours, and it everytime I'm walking in my city it reminds me how beautiful it is. Well, that's not something I forget but I'm still amazed, even after 27 years ( I was born and raised in Metz, left and came back a few times since the age of 19).
Here are some pics.

==Greetings from Metz, France==

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