Sunday, October 24, 2010

Flat hunting is on

So I've just started to look for a flat, as I'm living with my parents right now I'm looking forward to living alone again.

It can be quite hard since I have a low budget and don't want something too small (I'm not neither looking for something too big), but thanksfully in France there are some social aids for unemployed people which will help me a lot.

I visited a first flat on Friday afternoon, but it was way too small, like you put 1 table, 4 chairs and 1 bed and that's it, I don't like to sleep with my head in the fridge (I might exaggerate a bit but you got the idea), but the landlord asked for my budget and will send me a mail if he got something bigger.
Yesterday, I was supposed to visit another flat, on the ad it was written 30m² (so good size), for 310€/month, close to Metz's railstation (so good spot), the appointement was set at 3:30pm, but at 3:45pm still no one, I called the tenant but got directly the voicemail, I'm still waiting for her to call me back to set another appointement...

I do hope I'll find something soon, or maybe will I soon find a job somewhere else! ^^

==Greetings from Metz, France==

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