Saturday, October 9, 2010

A return to Ireland could be likely to happen...

Yesterday, at the end of my last working day, I was talking with my team leader and he told me he had heard good feeback about me, which is always nice to hear.

Then, I went and say goodbye to the Project Manager who was always trying to steal me from Project 1 to work on Projects 2 & 3. He told me he might ask me to come back after my "break" in France if big project is coming... Wow, nice piece of news! ^^ But that's a "if", so I'll of course go on looking for other jobs (I just sent application to be guide in Champagne Cellar...)

Then, out of subject, but the little party at home yesterday was pretty nice. After work, we went to a liquor store, €24 for a bottle of vodka Zubrowka is quite a lot but we were 2 to buy it, and well that's Zubro and in Ireland you can't find a bottle of decent alcohol under €17. Then, the home party was giant pizzas party with beer, wine, cider and vodka (let you guess what I chose to drink ^^)! It's kinda sad I had to wait for my departure time to meet some nice collegues (yeah, we were all gamers yesterday), but who knows, I'll perhaps fly back to Dublin quite soon! ^^

Still out of subject, I'm very unlucky with my stay in Paris, since tomorrow the suburb train going from airport to Paris is not working, so I'll have to take a bus, a metro and a suburb train to go to my hotel, that's gonna be funny with my heavy luggage!

==Greetings from Dublin==

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