Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quite a trip!

I have to tell you my trip from Dublin to Paris, it's unforgetable!
So, yesterday I went to bed at 8:30pm, but had some trouble sleeping, woke up at 1:30am, and left home at 2am, with 2 suitcases: 1 over 20 kg and 1 around 10kg.

While I was walking, close to aircoach station, on the opposite sidewalk, 2 dogs began barking at me, I had the bad idea to stop here to rest my arms and to switch suitcases, and then I saw the dogs running accross the road towards me, I can tell you I quite panicked and forgot the heavy weight I was pulling and started to run.

Then, I got my bus, got to the airport, with Aer Lingus you can have up to 20 kg of luggage, knowing I was in overweight I booked 3 extra kilos, but I was fearing to be even over 23... and I was 24kg and something, at seeing  this I thought ok I'm gonna ruin myself now, but the girl at the check in desk just gave me my boarding pass! ^^
After that, I wandered in the airport, took my last Burger King breakfast (BK doesn't exist in France) and bought a book, it was cheap and I need to increase my collection of books in English. The fly went ok and that's where the fun is starting!

First the airport (Roissy Charles de Gaule) is very big, so it takes some time to go to the luggage delivery. Then, there was a bunch of people bloking all the space next to an exit, at seeing my face and hearing me sighing, one of the blockers was almost yelling at me, saying I should just say excuse me, I wanted to ask her if she had a brain she could use to realise that coommon sense and politeness would make them leave some space for the other people, but all I could say was: "Fuck off!", in English but I guess she got it! ^^

Then, as the suburb train from airport to Paris city was off, I had to take an over packed bus, stuck between suitcases, for 9€, riding standing up... I thought with tenderness about the aircoach I had in Dublin, "luxury" bus, several stops, confy seats, baggage hold for 8€...

Then, I kinda struggle to find the metro, at my step down metro station I had to connect with suburb train, so I was happy to have rolling stairs to get to the upper floor, so I bought my ticket and then struggled to go through the tiny doors, got some help though! And then I saw there's no train today! Gotta take a bus, but to get on the street there are stairs! Great! Hopefully, some guy helped me out (there are some very nice people, even in Paris ^^ )

So I took my bus, and after on my way to the hotel a guy help me and pulled my big suitcase to the hotel, and I guess he wanted to go my hotel room too, but no! And luckily, at the hotel there's a lift! I'm on the 5th floor so I'm very happy about it!

Now, I'm settled in the hotel, found some restaurants around and will rest, since tomorrow I'll have to use my brain! ^^

==Greetings from Paris==

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