Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Irish joke

It's the story of Shamus, an old Irish guy living in New York. He's often thinking about his green land and wishes he could go back to Ireland someday.

One day, he meets a Leprechaun, so the Leprechaun tells Shamus:

- I can realise one of your wishes, what would it be?

- Oh thank you Mr. Leprechaun, I'm missing green and sheeps from Ireland, I wanna go there.

- Ok Shamus, here it is: 1st class ticket on Aer Lingus New York - Shannon.

- Oh no, answers Shamus, thanks but I can't take the plane, I'm afraid!

- Ok, then here it is, one ticket for a luxury cruise from the USA to Ireland.

- Ah, you know Mr. Leprechaun, I came here on a boat and got sick for weeks. I was more thinking of a bridge over the ocean.

Then, the Leprechaun is thinking: "Oh God, that's gonna be a tricky one and will cost me loads of money" and so says to Shamus:

- Well, I know I should not ask you that, but it's gonna quite hard, so if you'd agree to change your wish that'd be awesome.

So, Shamus starts thinking of another wish and ends telling the Leprechaun:

- Oh you know Mr. Leprechaun, I'm single, you know I'm not very smart...

- Yeah, I know Shamus.

- I'm not very handsome...

- Yeah Shamus, you're right.

- So here's my new wish: I'd like to know what women think!

So the Leprechaun answers Shamus:

- Ok Shamus, how many lanes do you want on your bridge?

==Greetings from Dublin===

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