Thursday, October 7, 2010

Of course...

Yesterday, I had a look at French news, great news: Big strike on tuesday 12th of October!

That's just the second day of my exam and the day I'm supposed to take a train home... I hate those fucking strikes, just because of lazy bastards who don't wanna work and piss off those who wanna work!

That's gonna be fun & expensive, to be sure to get on time at my exam I'll get a taxi, then I'll have 4h before my train, if it's not canceled... if it is then they'll have to find a solution for me, when I'm paying 50€ for a train ticket, I expect to arrive at destination without spending more... And the funniest thing is that I'll have over 30kg of luggage with me...

What a wonderful welcome home from my country! :s

==Greetings from Dublin==

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