Saturday, October 2, 2010

The End is coming soon...

On Monday I'm gonna start my last week at work, the project is ending on Thursday and I'll go back to France next week end, after a stop in Paris to take some competitive examinations to work for French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I pre-booked my train ticket from Paris to Metz yesterday (I still hope they'll ask me to stay at last minute ^^ ), this was my 1st step in preparing my return home, this morning I posted some books to my parents. I think I'll miss Dublin and the job. I hope this time I won't stay too long unemployed.

But I have to see the bright side: 1st I'll be able to see my family and my friends, I'll be able to start again  the theory part of driving license and I keep nicememories from this stay here, in Ireland.

==Greetings from Dublin==

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