Thursday, September 30, 2010

House moving: Check!

So, yesterday I changed house. The landlord had the flat cleaned thinking I had already moved, so I felt quite bad since I had some garbage left in the kitchen and dishes not yet washed in the sink... :s

So I went back home after work, gathered my 2 suite cases, my small backpack, my big bag, my shopping bag and my hand bag and called for a taxi, when I gave my name the girl on the phone switched to French... ok.

The taxi driver was very nice, and I was surprised it cost me less than 20€ (good to know if I miss the last tram, especially if I'm with other people). I'm staying in a house owned by the company, 2 floors, 4 flatmates, 1 garden, quite close to work (20 - 25 min walking), the people seem nice.

==Greetings from Dublin==

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