Saturday, September 11, 2010

Metz, France

Saint Etienne Cathedral
Metz, situed in Northern Eastern France, is my hometown. It is located close to Germany & Luxemburg, around 60 km away from each border, which makes it very convenient since those 2 countries offer some items which are way cheaper than in France. Go to Luxemburg for gasoil, cigarettes, some alcohol; and Germany for clothes, shoes, cleaning products and some other items. Plus both countries are vey nice places, where you can have pleasant walks.

Saint-Pierre-Aux-Nonnains Church
So Metz is a middle-sized city, quite old since it  was founded around Roman time, it has been during years the target of wars between France and Germany which were both claiming the ownership of the city. With a rich history it makes it a very nice tourism spot for those interested in history and architecture. Our cathedral for instance is known for stain-windows made by the painter Chagall. The church Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains is the oldest one in France. The old remparts offer nice walk around the city.
But the new pride is the brand new Centre Pompidou, a museum of Modern Art, very interresting, here are somes photos of my visit to the museum.

"Roches" District
Though it is a wonderful city, it is not the most exciting place for night life, but not dead and you can have fun all night long. We do have nice bars like Bulles Bar, Bar Latino or Pop White. As for restaurant, you can find a wide range of nice, good and affordable restaurants, my top 5 would be: Canada'Venture (canadian cuisine), Le Bouche à Oreille (Cheese),  Du Côté de Chez Yves (all kind of food), La Boucherie (for meat lovers) and Si Señhor (iberian cuisine).

As for clubs, I like Madison Club, you gotta be at least 25 years old, it's around 15€ the entrance with a drink, located near the rail station. Also Les Loges, outside of the city but free entrance and cloack room.

To cut it short, go to Metz, it's really worth a visit! ^^


==Greetings from Dublin== 

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