Friday, September 17, 2010

Sooooo busy...

You can't imagine how much I am sweating for my job right now, I'll have to sleep during the whole week end to recover, yes this morning the instructions from our team leader was: "Check facebook!"

Yes, that's a hard time! So on Monday afternoon I've been assigned to another project, and by Monday evening i had completed half of Tuesday's work... So on Tuesday I got quite bored... And yesterday, I worked like 1,5 hours... because another project needed a French for a small work.

And around noon, we eventually received the files we were waiting for! But the French files were corrupted! Yeah... so more facebook and checking everything I gotta check on internet (I'm not connected at home), but I quite don't feel at ease about getting paid for doing nothing... Don't misunderstand me, I'm not complaining, but I'm thinking I could be home studying for my competitive examinations next month and the company could save money... but we're not living in a perfect world. But I DO love my job! ^^

==Greetings from Dublin==

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