Monday, September 13, 2010

Northern Ireland

About one month ago, I took a day trip to Northern Ireland, as main aim was to see the famous Giant's Causeway. As it was a short trip I could only get a small glimpse of it, but it was a wonderful sunny Sunday full of surprises and breathtaking landscapes.
I took an organized tour from Paddy Palace, we left Dublin around 7:00 am and drove through wonderful countryside while listening to our guide/driver singing, telling tales and jokes. We drove then through Belfast before heading to our first stop: Carrick-a-Rede.

Rope Bridge
When we got off the bus my first surprise was the heat, on the morning I was afraid to get cold but I actually spent the whole day in short sleeves and got some colour. Then all I expected about Ireland: Green and Blue! As the sun was shining and no clouds were hiding it, the sea was wonderful... I had a very pleasant walk between some green slopes and the edge of the cliff to get to a Rope Bridge. This bridge was first built by fishermen who wanted to go on an "Island" that I'd rather call a big rock. I was not 100% ensured while I crossed the tiny and shaky bridge, especially when you could hear the sea crashing on the rocks under your feet, rocks which were actually quite sharp. But it was worth it! The views were wonderful and breathtaking, the ground was soft and the grass looked like wool. I noticed a few paths which could be the start of a nice hike, but as we had little time I keep those in minds for next time I'll go.

Giant's Causeway
Then we headed to the Giant's Causeway. To see this famous landmark was a dream of mine since I was a teen, when my Welsh penpal sent me a postcard from there. I wasn't disappointed since it was marvelous. From the parking to the Causeway you have a road to walk down (there's a bus option for people who can't walk too long, or just lazy people), and this was another breathtaking walk, all this green, those scents from the sea, the sun making the sea so bright... WOW! And the Giants Causeway at the end! I find it astonishing what Nature is capable of, and no wonder why the people back in time invented so funny legend to explain it. You can find the legend by clicking on this link. It's really amazing to think that what could seem man-made is actually the result of a volcanic eruption. That's really something worth seeing. And again I noticed a few hiking paths that would be worth trying on my next visit.

After this we went to see the ruins of Dunlunce Castle and ended up in Derry, the place where took place the sadly famous Bloody Sunday, it was an interesting visit.
Then we headed back to Dublin and I came back home with wonderful memories in my mind...


==Greetings from Dublin== 

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