Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nancy, France

Place Stanislas
Nancy, located in North East of France, is the city where I lived and studied during 6 years. 6 awesome years, full of parties and great memory, where I always enjoy going for one day or more to meet some of my closest friends.

It's a middle-sized city, very nice to live in, offering a lot. Culturally speaking you sure can not miss our local pride: "Place Stanislas", former Royal square, made by command of King Stanislas, King of Poland and Duke of Lorraine (the region). It's been renovated a few years ago and is only pedestrian now. In the middle, stands a statue of Stanislas, as a thank to fight against Germany to remain French. In 2 corners are 2 fountains one representing Venus and the other Jupiter.
Venus Fountain on Place Stanislas
On the square, also stands the City Hall, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Opera. It is also surrounding by fences in steel, piece of art of Jean Lamour.
 One of the exit of the square is an Arch of Triumph, leading to Place de la Carrière at the end of which stands the Governor's Palace, now military premises. 
This square is often the theater of lots of even, in summer time, don't miss the light & sound show on the walls of the city hall, it's very nice and quite impressive.

Just next to the square is the biggest park of the city: "La Pépinière". You can find there nice lawns, a small zoo, big lawns for people to play, lie, and so on, kid play area, concert stage, sport field,... It's nice for a walk, there are also lots of events there all year round. Like the jazz festival every october.

Craffe Gate
In the same area you'll find what we call the Old City, with remains of Middle Age like Craffe Gate (remains of ancient remparts), St Epvre church (the city's biggest), the local museum (Musée Lorrain),  the citadel,...

But Nancy is also known for having a lively night life, as a students city, parties are going every night. There are tons of pubs, restaurants, bars, clubs.
Flower clock in La Pépinière
Don't miss the "Rue Gourmande", "rue" means "street" and "gourmand" means "fond of good food", it's not its official name which is "Rue des Maréchaux". This nickname is due to the fact there are almost only restaurants in this street. My top 5 restaurant in Nancy are (not only in the "Rue Gourmande"): Le Bouche à Oreille (cheese), "L'Epicerie" (local), La Boucherie (meat), "Le Bistrot de Gilles" (classical cuisine) and "L'arrosoir".

As for pubs & bar, I do like "The Garden" and "Hemingway" for their cocktails, want some beer? Go to Phoenix Bar, MacCarthy or Opéra Café.

Saint Epvre Chruch
As for clubs! Oh my! "Le Chat Noir" has been like my 2nd house for a couple of years, it's normally for people over 25, all kind of music. I recently discovered "L'endroit" which is very cool, 2 rooms one more 80's the other more latino, when I went around Easter only one room was open so it was a mix of all, unforgettable night with the guy from clock room doing a strip tease at the end. But I still had no opportunity to go back.

Some other interesting stuffs can be the all time indoor market, just next to it is an outdoor other kind of markets for bags, shoes, clothes and so on. The mall "Saint Sébastien" offers a wide range of shops, including Disney Store! ^^ Every April is the fun fair in the city centre.
Fun Fair
And the "Jardins D'eau" (Water Gardens) along the canal are very nice too, especially in summer time of course.

Well, going to Nancy should be a pleasant experience.

==Greetings from Dublin== 

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