Monday, September 20, 2010

Powerscout Waterfalls, Ireland

The Powerscout Waterfalls, located around 30 - 40 km away from Dublin are said to be the highest in Ireland.
I went there a few weeks ago, we took a bus from city center to Enniskery and from there we walked to the waterfalls. It was around 6 km walk, in the beautiful surroundings of Wiclow Mountains. Sometimes quite dangerous as the road was narrow and shared with cars, but wonderful landscapes.

When we arrived at the park of the Waterfalls we had to pay €5, then walk for another km. On our way, a car of Spanish tourists stopped and asked us if we wanted a lift... that was so nice from them. So we drove to the falls and: wow! It was breathtaking! But full of bugs, I wanted to sit and admire but it was impossible.


==Greetings from Dublin== 

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