Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How wonderful it is to do overtime in Autumn...

My company is great, one week 2 days off and the next week, I got to do overtime. Well, I don't HAVE TO, but it was strongly suggested by my team leader, since tomorrow I'm going back on my initial project and handling 3 projects at a time will be hard. Yes, 3, well I might finish one today as yesterday I staid at work until 8pm. But it can be creepy and gloomy as after 6pm the office is becoming empty and well outside, it's dark and you gotta exit through the car park, I'm in a Business Park so there's no one out there, some light, though. Strangely, yesterday night my 15-20 min walk to the tram seemed quite long...

And it ruined my yesterday night plans: cooking & packing (I'll soon change flat), so as I have 1h to get back home I wasn't feeling like cooking and had to stop by Burger King (life is sooo cruel ^^)

And all this week I will have to do more over time, but good news they are paying for my food if i stay after 8pm and extra hours are paid 50% more!

==Greetings from Dublin== 

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