Saturday, September 18, 2010

Howth, Ireland

Howth is a little seaside village very close to Dublin. I already went there twice.

The 1st time, it was very sunny & windy. I took bus n°31 from Eden Quay and went up to the summit and walked down to the seaside. I discovered a nice little beach, I didn't go swimming, even if the weather was nice, I feared the sea to be quite cool. Then, I took a walk along the pier to the light house, it's so wonderful place.

The 2nd time I went there to hike along the cliffs, this time it was grey, windy a a little bit rainy, but it's still breathtaking place. This place is magical. That's something I love, you can go just a few kilometers away from the city center (with public transports too) and you're immersed in wonderful nature.

A faster way to go to Howth from Dublin is also to take DART (local train), 15min vs 1h with bus.

Photos of sunny Howth and Rainny Howth hike.

==Greetings from Dublin== 

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