Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Zombie in Berlin...

...that's quite how I'm feeling just now. My train left Metz yesterday at 11:50pm and I arrived this morning in Berlin at 9:00 am. I had not much space, could hardly sleep, so I'm totally exhausted and have to wait till 3pm to check in, while waiting I'm at the hotel's bar, I mighht soon go out, have a walk, lunch and fresh air.
Around 5pm I'll be visiting a room to rent, guess I won't go too late to bed, hopefully tomorrow I'm starting at 11am.
I'm very happy to be here and do hope that I'll enjoy Berlin's life.

==Greetings from Berlin==

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  1. oh, can't wait to hear more about Berlin! I have been wanting to visit Berlin myself for a while.

    rest up and have fun!