Friday, December 3, 2010

Berlin walls

Berlin might be the city with the more graffitis I ever seen. Most of times, it's ugly writing, all dripping, giving a dirtiness feeling, and the district where I'm working is loaded with graffitis. But some times it's more artistic, then you like it or you don't but that's far better  than those awful & disgusting senseless words.
Here are my firrst discoveries:

==Greetings from Berlin==


  1. Wow! That graffiti is so artistic! I wonder how they create it. Is it done openly during the day or under the cloak of darkness? In Okinawa, where I live, there is a seawall where people can paint murals. They get painted over by city officials eventually, but I have a plan to do one myself!

  2. I'm also wondering how they are mananging, I'm also sometimes hopping I would stumble upon someone painted while I'm walking around, I'm very curious to see the process... maybe I should more walk around at night...

  3. The two last ones are from "blu", check youtube with keywords "blu muto"...