Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Early Austrian Christmas

Yesterday night was my company's Christmas party, a great evening. At seven, we all left the office, a bus was waiting for us to drive us all to the restaurant.  When we arrived by the restaurant, I was surprised by the name "No Kangaroo", not getting the point at first, we were welcomed with some Gl├╝hwein (hot wine with spices) before getting inside.
Then, I realised it was an Austrian restaurant and thus got the name... seems some people tend to mix up Austria and Australia....

The food was wonderful, it made me think in a way to food from Alsace. It also was for me the opportunity to get to know some of my collegues, shnapps is a good ice-breaker! Especially that almost all are surprise to know I drink schnapps but no beer or wine.

Then we went outside for some Austrian games. First was a sawing competition, they got a big log, 2 at each end, 1st to finish win. But the 2nd team, the sexy boss broke one of the saws... so the competition went on but on the timing. After, it was cow milking... yeah cow milking in the streets of Berlin, but the cow was fake.

It was really fun, the athmosphere in the office is very cool, I really start to liking it here.

===Greetings from Berlin===

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