Thursday, December 23, 2010

What a trip!

So yesterday was my trip to France where I'll spend Christmas with my family. My flight from Berlin to Saarbrücken (smallest German airport on the border with France) was scheduled at 8:30am, arriving at 10:10am. Boarding time: 8:20, at 8:00 I was waiting by the gate, still no delay announced, great.... I texted my sister who was picking me up in Saarbrücken that all was ok.
8:20, they announce a 10-20 min delay, then 30min. After boarding, they announced we'll leave with over 1h delay. I wasn't worried, with the snow I expected delay.
Around 11am, the captain announced we were about to land in Saarbrücken, we started going down, and suddenly we went up again. Hum, doesn't sound good... I was already picturing me telling my sis we landed in Zweibrücken or in Luxemburg, and well the captain told us the clouds were too thick, he had no visibility at all, he would try again soon and if that doesn't work we'll be redirected to another airport.... so everybody in the plane whispered the same name: Zweibrücken.

A little bit later, he did announce we woulod try to land in Zweibrücken, we will turn around 1h to see if the sky gets clearer, and that after that we'll still have 1h fuel remaining. And after 1h it was still impossible to land in Zwei so we headed to Luxemburg. They did well since we landed at 1pm and got on the bus to Saarbrücken airport at 2pm and arrived at destination at 3:30pm, which makes a total of 5 and a half hours delay, quite nice! ^^ But well, I guess it's better to land on Luxemburg's runway that in Saarbrücken's terminal! :D

And I arrived in Metz at 5pm, went to Metz Xmas Market, quite disappointing. But nice dinner with friends, time with family, that has no price! :)

==Greetings from Metz, France==

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