Thursday, December 16, 2010

Berlin's Christmas Markets: Gendarmenmarkt

Go to a Berlin's Chritmas Market and you'll feel like in Wonderland! Tonight I went to the one on Gendarmenmarkt (see here for more infos of this famous berliner square), I went to that place on the free tour I took while in Berlin for the job interview, at that time they were setting it up, and the guide told us it was the nicest of all Xmas markets in Berlin.
It is indeed wonderful, but the background is not foreign to that feeling, and it's also very touristic, it was so crowded tonight!
The market is kinda divided into 2 parts, the outter one is free and for the inner one you have to pay 1€.
Here, you have lots of handcraft, some are exhibiting indoor, and I actually fall for a lovely pair of earings in plexiglas, red and black with blue reflections.
In the inner part, there's also a stage with a chor singing Christmas song, so it was very nice to walk around in such an athmosphere, plus tonight's it's heavy snowing (and I do love snow). There was also a show of some circus art, a girl dressed as an angel going up and down a kind of big bed sheet (sorry can't find the English word) gracefully, check out the videos below! ;) It was very nice.

I also saw a stand where they were selling raclette dishes (raclette is a swiss /savoy cheese I worship), it was fucking expensive but couldn't resist, and it was so yummy! It was sad I was alone cause that walk through thisb market was really pleasant, it could have been a magical moment, I was alrady, though alone, in awe but well, you know, it's always nice to share such experiences with someone.

When I went out of the inner part, I saw a stand of French salami! ^^ I also live this stuff! The girl asked me in German if I wanted to taste, so I answered in French, and so we've started talking, and actually the guy owning the place is from a smaller city close to my hometown, yes the world is smaller than we think, I often meet French people abroad (we are everywhere ^^) but almost never from my area, mainly from Paris or other huge cities. Well, we had a nice talk, I got a discount on my donkey salami, it was a nice encounter.

So, well, the guide was right, Gendarmenmarkt's Christmas Market IS wonderfull! Let's see next days what Berlin got in store for me, I keep being surprised every day.


==Greetings from snowy Berlin==

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