Sunday, April 17, 2011


Travelling is like a drug for me, and I kinda gotta go to rehab! ^^
Well, I have to slow down with travels, I decided to travel less and save more money. My trip to Sardinia was one of my last trips for 2011, in May I'm going for a visit to Fance, in my family, and end of Summer/early Automn I'd like to visit my friends in Czech Republic.

I really have to save money (money I lately spent in heavy travelling) to achieve a few projects: this trip to Greece with a friends we've been talking about for 4 years now (quite big budget according to our plans), this trip to Peru I've been dreaming about for years, I'd like to see Machu Pichu before I turn 30, so I got 2 years left. And I'd also like to save money for my free-lance project. I'd like to work at the same place during 2/3 years before going free-lance, as a translator I can work from anywhere as long as I got my laptop and an internet connection. I can pretty picture me being 1 month away, 3 months at home, 1 month away, and so on,...

Plus, I find travelling alone less enjoyable, so maybe after quite a long break, I'll know how to appreciate it again... Well, I'll try to stick to it if the travel bug isn't stronger than me! :D

== Greetings from Berlin ==

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