Friday, April 8, 2011

Villasimius, Sardegna

Spiaggia Simius
So last week, I went for holidays to South Sardinia. First step was 3 and a half days in Villasimius, 50 km away from Cagliari, on the Capo Carbornara which is a protected maritime area.
At this time of the year it's very quiet, but in June/July/August, it's full of tourists with a population multiplied by 10. As I have no driving license and thus couldn't rent a car, I could see all I wanted to, but it was delightful.
On the 1st day, after settling at the hotel, I went to the closest beach, the Spiaggia Simius, like 1 or 2 km walk, a long beach, grey sand, beautiful sea with shades of blue I had never seen before. And empty and clean. Plus the sun was shining, and that was so good to think that some hours ago I was freezing while waiting for a bus to the airport in Berlin, and now I was on this beautiful beach, under a bright sun and something like 25°C. I walked along the beach and sat down for some time before getting back to the hotel.
I was staying in Aquarius hotel, in the centre of the town, I had a big room with double bed, fridge, TV, balcony, big bathroom... And it was cheap, I paid 40€/night with breakfast included, but in the hot season it's much more expensive.
At night I just stayed in my room and read a book, that was quite clever to take with me a books of over 1000 pages, in one week I read almost 800.

Porto Turistico
On the morning of the second day, I went to Porto Turistico, the touristic harbor, the marina. The walk to there is like 4 km, there was not that much happening but the surroundings were so gorgeous, with a wonderful small beach just nearby, but I didn't find the way to get there.
In the afternoon, I wanted to go back to Spiaggia Simius to lay on the beach and read, but while I was on my way, it started "raining", it was very little rain but quite windy, not the best for a reading session on the beach, so I went back to my hotel waiting for the sun to come out. And it did come out. While I was sitting and reading on the beach, some man came to talk to me, he was speaking Italian quite slowly and I was speaking what I call itaƱol, a mix of Spanish (which I speak fluently) and Italian. He was quite nice, he told me he could drive me to some places I wanted to visit but couldn't go to and gave me his phone number. I hesitated a lot, but then I thought that if he wanted to harm me he could have done it on the desert beach, so I texted him but never got any answer.

On day 3, I took again the direction of the marina having seen some signs for beaches and ended up at Spiaggia Notari, a long beach set between Mediterranean See and a lagoon, it was very windy and sunny, so beautiful, the colors in the water were amazing, and again very clean and empty.  I walked a bit in the ice cold sea, sat down to admire the view and enjoy the sun and then went back to town.
Spiggia Notari - lagoon side
In the afternoon, I first went for an ice cream in the gelateria (ice cream shop) opposite the hotel, on Sunday I had tried Ferrero Rocher and that day Nutella, both were delicious, then I wanted to go to Punta Molinari but there was no space next to the road for pedestrian, so I just went back to Spiaggia Simius, that's amazing how I can stay doing nothing when there's such a beautiful landscape, just walking along the beach and sitting down and enjoy... And on my way back I realized I had turn completely red, with some clouds and wind I didn't beware of the sun, so I had to stop at the pharmacy where they had only expensive solar creams and after sun creams, but well better than getting a skin cancer.

On day 4, I got first lazy in the morning and stayed in bed, watching TV, then reading, then I made some sandwiches and went back to Spiaggia Notari for a pick-nick. After that I went back to finish packing and took a bus to Cagliari.
Those days there were very nice, rest, quietness, beautiful nature, sun,... All I needed. I think april/may are the best time of the year to go, it's already warm and sunny, when I was there too cold to bath but I think in a couple of weeks it should be no problem. After May it starts to get crowded and too hot, they told me it can go up to 40/45°C... insane for me! But I'd advise you to rent a car and explore the surroundings as well.

== Greetings from Berlin ==

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