Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When looking at me working...

... my collegues must be really laughing.
I'm kinda expresive with my body, some remote Italian roots maybe. ^^ When I speak, I gesture a lot.

When I'm working as well, making funny faces, like imitating fish, putting my head in my hands, "throwing" my arm forward, putting my finger on my lips,...

But now, I have to proofread a translation from someone else, this someone can't possibly be a professional translator, hard to think he/she's native Frenchspeaker as well. It's really horrible, so horrible that sometimes makes me wanna cry, so my gestures are even funnier. Can you picture Homer Simpson's Doh with hand slapping forehead? Well, I do it. I also have horrified looks, I burry my face in my hands, put my two hands arounf my nose and mouth and close my eyes, looks of despair,I sigh a lot, angry sighs,...

That must be really funny to watch I guess! :D

== Greetings from Berlin ==

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