Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Once again...

So as I might end up jobless by the end of May, I'll have the joy to start with the jobhunting process again...
That's something I really wasn't missing.
I just finished updating my CVs in French, English and German, just those in Spanish left. I think a good thing to write CV for another country, when you don't really know the rules is to use Europass, European tool to write CV, I find it really convenient.

At first, I'll look for a job in Berlin, I'd like to stay in the video games industry, I know there's lot of gaming companies out there, then I'll extend to the rest of Germany and Europe, why not out of Europe also?
I'll also soon register for competitive examination to work in French ambassies, I failed last year, but I'll try again. So far nothing at UN or EU, but I keep an eye on it.

And if I really can't find a job, I still have the option of going free-lance earlier than expected, in France will be better since there I'm pretty sure to get social aids to get me started, as I have no savings.
I'd really like to stay here, I'm getting tired to move 2/3 times a years, I'd  really like to settle somewhere for some time before hitting the road again.

== Greetings from Berlin ==

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