Thursday, April 7, 2011

My first Easyjet flight

I usually mainly fly with Ryanair, which is quite unbeatable on the prices. But to go to Cagliari, I took Easyjet for the first time, plus there aren't lots of Ryanair flights to/from Berlin. I've heard so many times how better is Easyjet compared to Ryanair...
Well, that's basically same service, same comfort, so to say 0. But Easyjet is more expensive. But good things are no weight limit for cabin luggage (but they're strict on size), no obligation to check in on-line (quite convenient if you happen to have troubles finding a printer), and it also seems they go to airports closer to the main cities, which is way convenient, time & money saver.

But well, if I got choice I'd better choose Ryanair as for such bad service and comfort I'd rather pay less. A "middle cost" company I like is Air Berlin, I flew with them when I went to France for Christmas and they offer better comfort & service, and quite reactive & efficient in case of a problem (we had to land on another airport, and the buses left 1h after landing).

== Greetings from Berlin ==

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