Friday, April 29, 2011


There seems to be a strange phenomenom happening when a friend of mine comes to visit me in a new place, she's the 1st and we go to CouchSurfing meeting, it always end up with strip-teases.

Maybe a kind of unconscious ritual...

Case n°1: A. comes to Brno in 2009, she's the 1st to come and see my Czech life. On the day of her arrival, a friend of mine tells us, through CS, that he's giving a gig in a pool bar. Ok, let's go then! When we entered the "pool bar", we thought we were wrong (other friends met there had the same feeling) as there were hostesses with tiny red dresses, the deco was kinda sexual and there were strip-teases poles in every corner.
Well, he did his gig, and then came the (female) strippers.

Case n°2: J. came to Berlin last week, she's the 1st to visit me here. We go to a CouchSurfing meeting, in a bar, so normal stuff. Well, there was also a female stripper and a bellydancer! There was supposed to be a male stripper coming, but his car broke down! :S

So, well just making the connection between 2 events made me smile. Well, but guys don't rush over to Berlin, as it's only with the 1st visitor, you'll have to wait for my next destination! :D Or maybe if the 1st visitor is a guy, maybe we'll have a male stripper! Yummi! ;D

== Greetings from sunny Berlin ==

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