Monday, April 18, 2011


Some time ago, I told you I was looking for body jewels. I couldn't find any in shops in Berlin, nor on German websites, so I found a very nice on-line French store. Avec passion, for those who can read French.

So last week, I decided to order two body jewels and a pair of earrings. They are re-usable, you can also order some special glue, which I'll order next time. I ordered on a Friday, late afternoon, and by the following Friday morning, I got them. So quite quick. On the invoice, was manually written "Wishing you a nice day" in both French & German, I found this very nice.
So on Saturday, I tried the Snakes on (both earrings and bodyjewel), it does stick hard, with my 2 left hands I kinda struggled, but I'm very happy about my purchase. :D

== Greetings from Berlin ==

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