Monday, April 11, 2011

Cagliari, Sardinia

Bastione San Remy
After Villasimius, I spent 3 and a half days in Cagliari, which is indeed a very nice city. I was staying at Hostel Marina, in a dorm for 6. The room was very big, with a mezzanine, where I settled right away, and the 2 first nights I was alone! ^^
On the 1st day, I went walking around in the morning, I started with the Bastione San Remy, you can not walk up the stairs, but there's an elevator to go on top of it, and the view on the city and the sea is just breathtaking! Even early in the morning, it was warm and got hotter and hotter during the day. Then I just walked among the tiny streets and discovered some very nice places. the old town is built up hill, very charming.
Spiaggia Poetto
In the afternoon, I took a bus to go to the beach, Spaggia Poetto, Poet's Beach, and there I heard 2 girls and 1 guy talking in German and the man mentioned CouchSurfing, I don't like to interrupt people when they're talking so I was waiting for the right moment. We got off at the same station, and an old lady who thought I was with him told to the both of us (in German) "The beach is over there, look", so I took this opportunity to start talking with this guy, Ravi, an Indian, we spent the afternoon together, it was really nice. And the beach is so wonderful, blue water, hills, blue sky,... A dream! The sun was there, it was so nice !

On the second day, in the morning I decided to go to see the Roman Amphitheater, it was closed for visits but you can see much of it from outside, it's now a mix of ancient stones and modern steel with plastic chairs since it's used for shows in summer time. Then I followed the signs to some Botanical Gardens and was quite disappointed, it was 3€ to get in but it was nothing special
Roman Amphitheater
 In the afternoon, I went back to the beach, and you got those guys selling junks. One came to talk to me and was like "oh why are you alone? You're so beautiful" and so on, so I decided to have fun and started lying about me, I was suddenly Isabelle, broken heart, living in Prague, just broke up with her boyfriend who cheated on her and not trusting guys anymore, that was kinda funny... When I came back from the beach, I went to grab some ice cream and then a guy stopped me and asked me for something, after I told him I don't speak Italian, he switched to English, he was asking for the time, and then to walk with me. We sat on a bench and started to talk, but well, he asked if I was single, I again lied, because I know from experience that's the best way to get rid of such guys, otherwise they insist and insist... So I walked away and a few meters further he joined me again, asked to take a picture of the two of us, and while putting his arm around my shoulder, he tried to touch my butt! Well, no! Put your hand up, take you pic and ciao!
In the evening, I met for a drink with a guy from CouchSurfing, nice but nothing exciting.

cosmopolitan + book + sun = :D
So after came Saturday, the last day. In the morning, I walked around again in the city and in the afternoon I went back to the beach. It was almost 30°C, the sun was high and bright, the sea was deep blue, just like the sky and I was covered with solar cream. I got to find a beach chair in one of the beach bars, and laid there with my book. I then walked along the beach and by the marina, sat again on the beach, it was hard to leave, this place is so wonderful. While I was on the bus, I got a SMS from a Couchsurfer who invited me for a dinner with other people. But I couldn't send any SMS (I thought I had not enough credit but actually I had), so I managed to find a phone and as I had some time I went to do something that came up to my mind while I was leaving the beach and I kinda enjoy to do when I am alone: go to a bar, outside, with a cocktail and a book, the sun was still there, that was really nice. Later, I join Marco, I thought we would go to some restaurant but actually it was someone's place and I was feeling quite bad to arrive empty-handed. But it was fun night. And on sunday early morning I took a flight back to Berlin. Game Over.

This trip was really enjoyable. Sardinia is so wonderful!

Sardinia from the sky

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