Sunday, April 17, 2011

The only series that can make me cry...

I'm not really the kind to cry for a book, a film, a series,... I can be captivated, really into it, my heart can beat faster while waiting to know what'll happen next, but crying, not likely,...

I'm more the kind to laugh when in Titanic a man jump out of the boat and bounce on the propeller. Or to laugh out loud when in Moulin Rouge the girl is caughing to death,...

When I was a teenager, I loved Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, and out of the 8 seasons, only 2 episodes brought one or two tears to my eyes.

And a few years ago, while I was studying & living in France (it seems so far away now), I discovered Grey's Anatomy! And every season, several episodes can make me cry! Really! It's always so intense, the creator of this series is a genius! How many times did I go to sleep so late because of this? I'm like, ok, this is the last one, and at the end, there's something big happening and I just need to watch the next one! Even if most of the events are so unrealistic and too much, it's made in a way that made me quickly addict.

Do you have any series/book/film bringing a river of tears to your eyes?

== Greetings from Berlin ==

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